cat cat

I came to Pet Care Center in 2011 weighing 7 lbs soaking wet and missing some hair. I liked my “faux hawk,” but I love being fluffy. I was caught hanging out in a tree and the next thing I knew I was living the high life at Pet Care Center. I reside in Cat Condo number 4. It’s my favorite because I can see in the treatment room when the door opens. Not to mention all of my PCC friends talk to me when they walk down the hall. I just love to be the center of attention. It’s not all fun and games for me. I have a job to do. I like to greet ALL the animals that come to visit. Sometimes my PCC friends tell me to get away, but I don’t know what all the fuss is about; those dogs are just purring at me, right? When I am not roaming around greeting visitors I love to nap on printers. I love sneaking into the food room and trying to get into the bags before someone catches me. Did I mention I have gained 7lbs? And I pretend it’s an accident, but I really love walking on counters and knocking things over!