Dr. Heather Fraser - Veterinarian

Dr. Heather Fraser was born and raised on a horse farm outside Nashville, TN.

Surrounded by a variety of animals on the farm, Dr. Fraser showed an early interest in science, nature, and medicine. These experiences led her to complete an Environmental Studies degree at Tulane University in New Orleans, graduating in 2013. During her undergraduate studies, she spent several summers volunteering with the National Audobon Society assisting with wildlife preservation efforts in Grand Isle, LA. This experience further inspired Dr. Fraser to pursue a career working with animals.

Upon completing her undergraduate degree, Dr. Fraser worked as a zookeeper and ornithologist at Audobon Zoo and Aquarium. At this point, fully committed to the field, Dr. Fraser returned to school, graduating from the Veterinary Medicine program at LSU in 2022.

Dr. Fraser lives uptown with her three cantankerous dogs and two affectionate cats. Outside of the clinic, spends time improving her pottery skills and growing beautiful flowers. She also makes a killer Caesar Salad.